Thankfulness Day 4

We are continuing in this short mini-series within the monthly series that happens to connect.  Yesterday was Jonathan Clements, who I met through Jodi Gutzmirtl, who I met through Josef Gutzmirtl.

Jonathan called me up one day, I believe it was a Monday, and said you need to call Todd White.  He said, Todd is a good guy and he is looking for a road manager for one of his bands and I think you would be great at that.  I had no idea what it meant to be a road manager.  I had no idea who Todd was.  But, I trusted Jonathan and was working full-time at Cracker Barrel (three stars, please show some respect) so I was open to new opportunities.

I called Todd on the phone and we chatted for about 15 minutes.  He asked some questions and I tried my best to answer them, still unsure to how everything worked.  And not completely sure if this was an interview.  Todd asked if I could come to his office to meet, that day.  I didn’t have to work until later so I did.  I went in and met Todd.  I still was completely unsure if this was an interview, what should I wear, do I bring a resume???  I tried to look “music industry” “business casual” and I brought the latest version of my resume.  (don’t know that I had updated my three star career on it)

Todd and I visited for about a half of an hour and then he basically offered me the job of road manager.  I was stunned.  I didn’t even know what the job was, and yet this guy thought I would be great at it, and we had only known each other for about an hour.  He did say, very wisely, “We will know within two weeks if this thing is going to work out.”  Something I later learned is that time on the road is amplified.  Two weeks is like 90 days at any other job. That Friday I was in a van on my way to Michigan. Thankfully, it worked out and was one of the best job fits I have ever had.

Todd White was the type of guy who had an unending amount of stories to tell from crazy experiences that he had accumulated in a very short amount of time.  I swear that each time we got together he told me about a company that he had started, or a job he had, that was a new story… it was hard to believe he wasn’t 90 years old.  Todd, much like Jonathan, made himself available to me.  He was always open to going to lunch or letting me come into the office and he would allow me to ask any question about any topic and if he had experience and wisdom, he would share it.

I also appreciated that Todd was honest with me.  He sat me down and offered me the opportunity to move up in my career, and very boldly told me… “you need to know that you were not the first choice, and I am sticking my head out for you here… this might not work out”  Again, I am so glad that it did, but it never would have happened without Todd White believing in me.

I hope that Todd White knows how much he has impacted my life.  I have countless experiences that would have never happened if I hadn’t met Todd.

Thank YOU!


be inspired



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