The power of one sentence.

Finally, I have broken out from under my string of movie-titled posts.

I am in a pretty unique place, where I feel like God is using a few different voices to say the same thing.  It is as if He wants me to get this point… because it is important.

You will hear me talk about all of these voices at different points here, because they are shaping my thoughts… and ultimately who I am.  (which is a long post for another day)

I am reading “The Cure” Because of my job, I had the privilege of meeting John Lynch, one of the authors, this past October.  He is an amazing teacher, orator, and he is passionate about Jesus.  At Christmas, I listened to his most recent book, “On My Worst Day” on a long car trip, and it had me in tears and emotional several times.  (I love listening to audiobooks on long trips where the author reads the book)

I am all the way into chapter two of The Cure where I came across this one sentence that stopped me in my tracks.  I read it, re-read it… thought… stewed… thought… re-read… and went back to read it again this morning.  It is at the very core where I am living and the lesson I believe God is trying to teach me through these several voices in my life…

“This life in Christ is not about what I can do to make myself worthy of His acceptance, but about daily trusting what He has done to make me worthy of His acceptance.”

I don’t know why this is so hard to get my head around.  I guess I have lived with the idea of making myself something for so long.

One of the other voices made a reference to the tree of knowledge of good and evil… and that eating from that tree and trying to know the difference and do good only is the path of religion. (my takeaway, not a direct quote)

The sentence from the book footnotes this scripture reference; Ephesians 1:6 NKJV “to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved.

The issue for me again becomes trust.

One of my favorite bands… one of my favorite songs… enjoy.


be inspired



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