Advent Thoughts: Breath

I hate the cold weather.

There I said it.

If there is any aspect of the cold that I am remotely tolerant of… it is when you can see your breath.  I don’t know why this little marvel of physics matters to me, or why I think it is cool, but I do.

I heard this morning the Christmas song, “Breath of Heaven” and it got me wondering… is that a term in the Bible that I have just overlooked???

It is not.

But, what a great word picture… When we realize how important and significant it is to life here on earth, it makes all the sense in the world.  In Genesis, we see God form a body and then “breath the breath of life” into Adam.  We know that without breath, here on earth our bodies will cease to exist.  Breath represents earthly life.  Therefore, breath of heaven is such a powerful turn of phrase, poetic and rich in meaning.


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