Thankfulness Series #23 Matthew Bennett

As I mentioned yesterday, I am blessed with good in-laws.  This is something that I don’t take for granted and for which I am tremendously grateful.

My father-in-law, Matthew Bennett, is a strong man with character.  The two areas that stick out to me are his care and generosity.  He owns a funeral home and I can’t think of two better attributes for his business, but, even more so for how he treats his kids.

There are a few “rites of passage” that still exist in our culture, and one of them that I will never forget was asking for the blessing of asking for Beth’s hand in marriage.  I remember how nervous I was, not because I thought he was going to say “no” (although I guess that was an option… oh boy that would have wrecked my day) but, more because I knew that this was a big deal. It was a big deal for me, but I also knew it was his firstborn, his baby girl, and he didn’t really know me all that well…

Selfishly, I also feared that there would be no conversation… that it would be anticlimactic… I had built it up to be this big deal and I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t get dismissed…

It was dramatic in my mind, because, I put it off… put it off… prayed that God would provide the opportunity for us to be alone, and, He did… and I still put it off… and the music swelled, and Beth’s dad reached for the door to go inside… and I blurted out…”um… I did want to talk to you about something…”

I asked, and he granted… but what was a greater gift to me… he talked with me… it was a real and caring conversation about marriage, family, plans, and life… and it meant the world to me… it revealed to me, all that I already knew his character to be.

There are a few relationships that are unique, father-in-law is one of them, and I am very grateful for mine.


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