Thankfulness Series #20 Morgan McRay

A few years ago, I created an internship program and while doing it received one clear instruction from another person who had created an internship program, “Don’t try to do it on your margin, someone has to own the program.”  I heard this as sage advice, and then allowed circumstances to help me ignore it. I quickly realized they were correct. I needed someone to own the program and invest in it. I know it is not this dramatic, but, at some levels it was like asking me to find someone that I trusted to raise my child the way I wanted them raised.

The good news was I knew somebody that I thought would do an amazing job.  The better news was that God was leading them to want to be back on the east coast working with our organization.  And as God has a way of doing, He orchestrated a great thing.

Morgan and Megan McRay were the ideal candidates for this position and they fit who we are as an organization.  I had no problem trusting them to “raise my baby.”

When you look at Morgan’s life, you quickly realize that this guy is obsessed with one thing… living in a way that looks more like Jesus everyday.  As far as job qualifications to run a discipleship program, there is really no higher qualification.  Morgan is the most conscientious person, when it comes to his faith, that I may have ever met.  He is a great friend. He is a great father. He is a great husband.

Morgan has driven me to become emotional on several occasions, but, the one that was the most significant was when he publicly shared his prayer journal with some staff.  It listed out that he specifically prayed, by name, for me and several other key leaders in our organization.  I was overwhelmed by what it meant to be prayed over.  I am grateful for Christlike friends who pray for me regularly.  I couldn’t imagine what my life might look like without them.

Thank you Morgan McRay.


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