Thankfulness Series #18 Stacey Gagne

Stacey Gagne, or as I affectionately call her “Nee New” (seriously, I have her programmed in my phone as such)

Stacey is one of the most solid people I know.  She is so strong in her faith and she knows what she believes and whose she is.  These traits and many more are the reasons that I count it a privilege to know Stace.

She has a smile and a laugh that is infectious.  She has the ability to help bring much need perspective to situations.  She is one of the best listeners, and I am convinced it is because she truly cares… I mean truly cares about whoever is in front of her.

I remember like it was last night, I had a situation in my life that was tremendously complicated and I felt trapped because I wanted to talk to people, but because of some of the details of the situation, I really couldn’t talk to many of the people I normally would about it. It was after one of our bible studies that everyone left and Stacey and I were just there, looking back it was a divine appointment.  I broke down and told Stacey what was going on and I cried like a little girl and I got all of what was going on inside of me out.  And Stacey sat there with me, consoled, advised, but more than anything I knew I could trust her.  And I knew that she cared.  For this night and many others, Stacey has been there for me… and I am forever grateful.


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