Thankfulness #14 Steve Cornell

For those dedicated enough to pay attention… you will notice that I had two 13s… what can I say I am just that thankful. 🙂

Ironically, there is a modern connect point from yesterday’s post and today.  Dennis Mylin is now on staff at the church where Steve Cornell is the pastor, Millersville Bible Church.  And, you guessed it, Millersville Bible Church is in Millersville with the university.

While I was a student at Millersville and serving Youth For Christ, I would pretty inconsistently attend MBC.  It was on campus, it was a great church, but I wasn’t disciplined enough.

Steve Cornell, the pastor at MBC, started a “Dating, Engagement, and Marriage” class that he taught and was wildly popular, and still is. Go figure, college kids were interested in this topic, and yet there wasn’t a lot of teaching around at the time. I remember Pastor Steve telling us that he created the course because he really didn’t enjoy marriage counseling.  He felt like there was so much people didn’t know on the front end of their marriages.  He would rather teach this class to get people to get it right than counsel people who had gotten it wrong.

I think the most significant lesson I took away from the class was the difference between “being in love” and “behaving in love.”  The difference between our emotional response and ooey-gooey feelings versus our choices and behaviors.  This subtle change in my perspective has helped to shape my life and my relationships.

For this and many other lessons I have learned from Pastor Steve, I am grateful.  I am also grateful that our paths have crossed again in different seasons of our lives.  It is great to know that I can still call on Pastor Steve Cornell.


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