Thankfulness #13 Dennis Mylin

When I went away to college, I went to Millersville University. My friend Val lived in the same town as the school.  She recruited me to start working with Youth For Christ (YFC).  I loved Junior High ministries and Val, so it was an easy fit.  That is where I met Dennis Mylin.  Dennis was on staff and he was the ultimate youth leader.  Everyone loved him and wanted to be like him.  He was caring and funny and a good guy.

As I got involved with YFC, Dennis and I would get together every so many weeks and just chat, usually over lunch.  At this point in my life I was getting pretty good at living a double life, not the cool secret agent kind, but the lying to yourself about who you really are kind.  I was sure about my faith and my relationship with Jesus, but, I was also pretty self-absorbed with my comfort and my own agenda.  I grew up around church and ministry, so I knew how to behave in different environments, but I became too much like a chameleon, where I looked too much like wherever I was.

In my Junior Year at Millersville, I was really struggling with this balance.  I had become quickly dissatisfied with my life when I was chasing my own selfish desires. I also had become frustrated with some of the issues that were going on in the university that was affecting my major courses.

One day, Dennis came over for lunch and we sat down and he asked “how things were going?”  I then launched in to a fifteen minute or more dissertation on how frustrated I was with the school, they only cared about money and they were a corrupt big business, and ultimately I just want to go to a cabin in the woods and hide and read the Bible…

Dennis, as only he could… paused… looked up from his sandwich he had been enjoying, as I had been talking non-stop… and said, “seems like you are frustrated?”

I thought, that is all you got?

I am sure he said more, and talked me off the ledge a little bit, but, eventually he said, “what are you doing this afternoon?”  I had time so we took a ride through the city of Lancaster over to the campus of Lancaster Bible College.  I met an admissions counselor, who talked with me, gave me a tour…

We started to pray about what was next and God made it abundantly clear that I was to go there.  I remember clearly thinking… “oh the logistics, this will be so hard, it will never work out…” and then the next thing I knew I was at orientation in August as a student at Lancaster Bible College.  (I later came to find out that Dennis used to be an admissions counselor for LBC… sneaky dog)

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God used Dennis to direct my steps in a way that was so obviously God’s Will for my life.  For that I will be forever grateful.


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