Thankful Series #13 Dr. Jim Ayers

Almost missed… only 13 days in and I almost missed… had to go to give blood early, went to a coffee shop where I couldn’t get on the wifi… excuses excuses

I am reaching back to my college days in this post.  I was talking with my dad the other night about how it took me about three years to learn how to balance my social life and my workload as a student, and that is why I squeezed my four years into five. 🙂

When I transferred from Millersville University to Lancaster Bible College, the only way for me to get out in five years was to go as a General Ministries concentration.  I still had to take a course or two from a specific discipline.  I chose Pastoral classes.  One of the main reasons was to spend time with Dr. Ayers.

Dr. Ayers was created to be a college professor. He is the perfect mentor, encourager, challenger, and incredibly wise.  He was seemingly always available to meet and nothing was off limits.  He took several of us on a trip to Chicago for a leadership conference.  It was so pivotal in my education. It literally shaped the trajectory of my approach to ministry and how I learned how to live out my faith.

I am so grateful for Dr. Ayers and his influence over my life at a time where I needed it the most.


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