Thankfulness series #8 Valerie

There are a few people I know outside of my family that I have known for a LONG time.  Valerie Hoback is one of my oldest friends in life.  God keeps continuing to tell our stories together, and I am okay with that.

I met Val when we were both 16 and working at Sandy Cove during the Summer of 1990.  Val was the type of person who made everyone feel like they were special, important, and you immediately felt like you were best friends.  She was always smiling, always looking out for the positive side of things.  She is the type of person you always want to be around.

Val lived in the town where I went to college, so when I got to college, we started to hang out more and get involved in ministries together.  Then, Val went to Colorado for a short stint to “find herself” (all of my friends at one point or another believed their “selves” were in Colorado)  Unbeknownst to either Val or I, God was calling both of us to move to Nashville, TN.  We moved within a month of each other and when I arrived we moved within 5 minutes of each other, too.  Even now, God has us both back up north for a season of our lives.

Val is caring.  Val is honest.  Val is one of the people in this life that reminds me most of my mother.  That last statement is truly one of the highest compliments I can pay someone.  My mother was a saint.  She was others-focused to a fault.

I could go on and on and on… I hope that Val knows how I feel about her, because she has made it clear to me how much she cares about me… and that is a lot!

Everybody needs a Val… why don’t you try to be a Val to someone today… smile big and encourage them… find something encouraging to say… and say it!


be inspired



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