Thankfulness #6

So, let’s stay in Nashville for a little longer.  I am thinking as I prepare to write this, there are definitely some themes and similarities to what it means to have impact.  I think it includes the power of positive words and making yourself available to others.

The next person might be one of the people on the list with whom I have spent the least amount of time.  It is not always about the quantity of time, but the quality of time. There have been times in my life that I could only really explain as God’s favor.  I didn’t deserve it and I can’t explain why I received some kind of competitive edge.  I would only have to say it was God.

I don’t even remember how I first met Barry Landis.  I know that we hit it off, and I think I didn’t realize all of his accomplishments until we were meeting.  Barry has had a stellar career in the music industry.  He is wise, caring, and generous.

I was in a transition stage in my life, where I was trying to start my own management company, and establish myself as an artist manager.  I had been known as a road manager, and I was struggling to get people to shift their thinking and to move forward.  I remember meeting with Barry in his office and explaining to him my situation.  I was pretty frustrated.

He said to me, “We will always be defined by our last success.”

In that little phrase, he had turned around my perspective on the situation.  I went from being frustrated to recognizing that all of what I was fighting against was essentially a compliment. I was struggling to be accepted as a manager because people thought so highly of my work as a road manager.  This didn’t make the road ahead any easier, but it changed my perspective and I desperately needed that in the moment.

Barry met with me several times and gave me advice, listened to me ramble on, and gave me time that I didn’t deserve.  I am grateful for men of God like Barry Landis who gave me time when their was really nothing that they gained in return.

Who can you give time to today that you might gain nothing in return?


be inspired



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