A New Series for November

I know this might not seem like much of a stretch, but I have decided to do a blog series for the month of November with the theme of thankfulness.

It has multiple purposes;

I would like to get back into the habit of writing,

I recognize the power of gratitude changes attitude,

and I have too much to be thankful for, not to write about it.

This series will focus on different people who have played significant roles in my life and people who I am very grateful to have known.  I was prompted to start this series by a message given by my pastor during a sermon series at our church called “I believe in you.”  He in encouraged us to reach out to those who we believe in and spur them on to more, but also to look back in our path and recognize those who have encouraged us along the way.  I have done some of this along the way, where I will send a random note to someone who I realize has impacted me.  This is a more focused series to do just that in a much more public forum.

So without further ado…

I want to start with the man who has inspired the series and has inspired and encouraged me in many ways, Wade Haskins.  Wade is the Lead Pastor at Way of Life Community Church (my church).  From the very beginning, I have appreciated Wade’s honesty, transparency, and desire to be Christ-like.  Way of Life Community is growing and seeing God’s favor in so many ways right now, and I truly believe that it stems back to Wade’s faithfulness and obedience.  Throughout the Scriptures we see stories of God accomplishing things, but it always took a man who He called and equipped.

It is an honor to consider Wade a friend and I am so grateful for his impact on my life.


Could I encourage you to join me and share with at least one person who has impacted you, how thankful you are for their influence?



be inspired



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