The wait and the wake

I am reading through a book “Waiting on God” by Andrew Murray.  It is great!

I have been encouraged by friends and in some of my other readings to wait.

But what does it mean to wait.  I wanted to look at the meaning of that word, so I went to one of my favorite geek-out websites

wait (v.)c.1200, “to watch with hostile intent, lie in wait for,” from Old North French waitier “to watch” (Old French gaitier, Modern French guetter), from Frankish *wahton (cf. Dutch wacht “a watching,” Old High German wahten, German wachten “to watch, to guard;” Old High German wahhon “to watch, be awake,” Old English wacian “to be awake;” see wake (v.)). General sense of “remain in some place” is from late 14c.; that of “to see to it that something occurs” is late 14c. Meaning “to stand by in attendance on” is late 14c.; specific sense of “serve as an attendant at a table” is from 1560s.

“To watch with hostile intent”  Wow, Do I love that imagery.”to watch, to be awake”  Great words.

I think that when most people, myself included hear the word “wait,” we think “stop.”  I can’t help but write what I am thinking right now, which proves I am a child of the 90s… “stop what you’re doing because I’m about to ruin the image and the style that you are used to…” (ala Digital Underground, “Humpty Dance”)

As I try to recompose myself and think through what it means to “Wait on the Lord,”  I look to the Hebrew word Qavah It is defined: “to wait, look for, hope, expect”  There is still no evidence for stopping.

I have always been interested in boating and I am a novice boater myself.  But anyone who has ever seen a boat knows that if the boat is moving forward it will cause a wake behind it.  Much like boats, if we are moving forward we will encounter resistance and there will be a wake.  Hopefully not a “wake of destruction.” If we are moving forward there will be a wake.

So, I am learning what it means to wait and cause a wake.  I want to move forward, knowing there will be resistance, knowing that i will be causing some kind of wake around me… those around me will be effected… (side note: much like your boat… the other boats closest to you will always be the most effected by your wake, even when it is little)

More importantly, I am realizing that wait does not mean stop.


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