a little like Moses

I am reading through Exodus 4 where God is empowering Moses.

Moses starts to ask God, “what if” questions… probably motivated by fear and doubt…

I can relate…

God does these crazy miracles… and Moses response…

“yea… but”

“I am not a great speaker… why would you ask me to speak..”

God says… “who gives you the ability to speak?”

(this is obviously a loose interpolation)

after all of this Moses says… “pick someone else”

and then in the CEV verse 14 states  “The Lord became irritated with Moses”

The big problem I am having in reading this story…

I am identifying myself with Moses.  I am often afraid.  I am good at coming up for reasons why things won’t work out.  And I fear that the Lord has become irritated with me too.

How is it that we can have God working in us and we still have the capacity for doubt?

It doesn’t make sense to me.  I have every reason in the world to trust Him.

God give me strength and make me brave.


be inspired



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