Third Place Productivity

I wish I was smart enough to find the article that I was forwarded last week that talked about the increased productivity in a coffeehouse.  But, I think it was probably listed on

I can tell you that I can’t explain all the reasons of why I am incredibly more productive in a coffee shop over my office or my home… But I can tell you it is true…

For example, I am writing this as my fourth blog entry in a fit of inspiration and writing that just poured out of me.  There are distractions here, just like there are at home… but, different… constant flow of people in and out of the shop.  There is a teenage couple flirting annoyingly right next to me.  There seems to be a businessman, who doesn’t understand that despite him wearing headphones, we can still hear his full-voice responses to his phone calls.  I am right under a speaker, and I am okay with it, because the music is international and I can’t understand the lyrics, so it is not really that distracting.  (btw, I am obsessed with Brazillian music right now, this will be on the final exam)

Don’t know that there is much of a point to this post, other than to confirm that for me… I am incredibly more productive at the coffee shop… and I should schedule myself to spend more time here.  (note to self:  calendar writing at the coffeeshop)


be inspired



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