For the first time in potentially my entire life, I have decided to partake in the tradition of giving something up for Lent.

I gave up Facebook and social media.  Even as I type this I think to myself… “you are so weak… you are giving up social media…” but honestly, I can tell you that it is working.  I have become so consumed in the idea of staying hyper-connected to my “friends.”  I miss seeing everything about everyone.  I miss broadcasting my wittiest thoughts of the day.  Some of my friends have even reached out to say that they miss my posts.  That makes me feel good, but, it also proves the point that I can interact with them beyond social media.

I am in no way advocating that social media is evil.  I don’t know that this will parlay into a deactivation of my account, but, I am hoping it will change my behavior patterns.  I choose to waste so much of my time trolling on social media to see what is going on in the world.  It has robbed me from the opportunity to actually be involved with real activities.  It has kept me from being disciplined with things that will help to keep me spiritually conditioned.  (see yesterday’s post)

It hasn’t been that long and I can tell you that I foresee myself doing this Lent thing again.


be inspired



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