A look in the mirror

I have been introduced to the concept of “consumers versus contributors.”  It is a new version of an age-old struggle.  It is one that my mother spoke of regularly.  She would say, “in life there are givers, and there are takers.”  While I don’t ascribe to the idea that anyone really truly fits into one category, I do see where there seems to be a dominant perspective.

It is truly the issue of flesh versus the spirit.  It is understanding what it means to consider others more highly than yourself, or to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

It is very easy for me to become judgmental when I see others that have an overwhelming sense of consumerism.  I look at our culture that holds consumerism as a high value.  “The customer is always right.”  If you don’t like the level of service or the product you will use your powers of word-of-mouth to steer others away from products and businesses.

I see this consumerism within the church and within ministry.  I want to become indignant and speak from a high and mighty place about how wrong this is…  but then, I start to realize all of the consumeristic tendencies and attitudes that I hold… I feel like Jesus is in front of me, knelt down, scribbling in the sand… and boom, it hits me!

I have a long ways to go.  I want to be a contributor.  I want to be a giver.  I want to put these seemingly adversarial ideas in the proper amounts of disproportion.

Being completely transparent…. I read (consume) a ton of blogs and content about things I am passionate about… but, I am not producing (contributing) at the level that I would like to be.

This post was entitled “a look in the mirror” because I think I need to read my words in writing and see my thoughts… so that now I can hold myself accountable to getting things in check.


be inspired



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