Jealous of the casino

I am on a short vacation with my wife before it gets crazy insane busy for our summer season.

We are at a casino, not because we love to gamble, rather because they offer amazing deals with the hopes that we will gamble. And on this wager, they lose. 🙂

Actually, I am sure they aren’t losing.

I woke up and did my devotions and some reading while my bride slept in. It is a pretty day, so I decided to take a little walk outside.

This is where I realized something about the casino. They know that they make their money on the inside. What matters is on the inside. Outside it is filthy. I don’t know the last time on their staff even looked out there. And why should they? They aren’t making money off of my morning walk.

But for me it is the opposite; I am desperately trying to keep the outside appearance clean and presentable. My insides look probably worse than the casino’s bay walk.

So for that reason, I am jealous of the casino.

I want to care for my inside, it’s what matters.

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