Drumming in my socks

I have started attending a new church, which I am sure you will be hearing about here very soon. I have had the opportunity to get involved with the music and leading worship. It has been tremendously rewarding. I have met some great people, great musicians, and been able to really enjoy leading others.

The other week they asked me if I would be willing to fill in on drums. I have always really enjoyed playing, but it had been a good long time since I had played. I needed to dust the sticks off and practice a little, but thankfully the experience went well.

I tell you all of that, to tell you this: I took my shoes off play the drums. People started making comments about it. “Oh, are you playing in your socks?” “I love that you are just in your socks”

Here is the thing (there is always a thing, right?)

I don’t know when, but I have been playing the drums in socks or barefoot for a long enough time that it seems really normal and common for me. I don’t think that I am weird. I don’t think that it is a big deal to play in your socks.

Then it hit me… We are all weird!

I do things all the time that I think are completely normal. (Getting married helps you to realize how incredibly weird you really are.) đŸ™‚

Toilet paper goes over the top.
I like to eat some foods combined.
All of my K cups must be facing up, even when loaded into the Keurig.
And my top OCD moment happens at Starbucks: the logo on the sleeve must line up with the logo on the cup, and that is the side you drink from.

I live under the assumption that what I do is normal, and everything else is weird, but, if everyone thinks that, then we are all weird.

Today, embrace your weirdness!

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