Fishing with nets…

As I am working my way through the study of Luke, I look at the open of chapter 5 and see Jesus in a boat with fishermen who fish with nets.

When Jesus says, “one day you will fish for men,” I wonder what went through their minds.

But, I am also struck by some parallels between fishing with a net and evangelism. I am not saying that this is a major revelation or anything. I am not even suggesting that I have done the supporting research to defend my argument. I am simply hypothesizing.

This is how I got to my theory… I was reading and thinking to myself… “when you are fishing, choosing your bait is important… what kind of bait would make a difference…” then I was going to draw some kind of parallel to being careful with what kind of bait you use to “fish for men.”

Then it hit me. Fishing with a net has no bait… (again, I haven’t done the research to support this, so if you are an avid fisherman that knows this is not true… well, then you win)
If this holds true… Fishing with a net has no bait, what are the implications and parallels with evangelism?

just a few thoughts
be inspired


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