I’m Thirsty…

I am sure many churches are going through a series on the last words of Christ on the cross.

I am sure that I have studied these verses time and time again.

I am seeing these words in a whole new light this year.

This Sunday my church looked at the words of Jesus, “I’m Thirsty”

To know that Jesus Christ, who was fully God and fully man, would utter these words shows that he was FULLY MAN. He is someone with whom I can identify.

When you hear the account of what Jesus went through physically, it is staggering… beyond anything I could ever hope to have to face…

I have recently gone through a physical ordeal where I had to have emergency surgery to remove a very diseased gall bladder. Thankfully, it was caught in time and the surgery was able to be done laparoscopically, which is making the healing go much quicker.

Several years ago I had my wisdom teeth pulled and that was a very painful process. I remember people telling me that it would hurt… and they were right.

I have had sprained this and thats and even a bout with a kidney stone… so, I know some pain…

But, when I hear about what my Jesus went through…

I realize that what I have experienced doesn’t hold a candle…

I am comforted to know that Jesus knows what pain feels like, and I can go to Him and He can say… “me too.”

I am also grateful that He experienced this pain so that I might have life… life eternal and life abundant…

I realized that when the doctor said, “if we didn’t get this gall bladder out of you, it would have been a life or death situation…”

God has given me life again!

I am so grateful

be inspired


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