How far… and when?

I have heard it said many times that the longest distance is between your head and your heart… and most times we are talking about when you can get something into your head that you “believe” and then the time it takes for your heart to truly “believe” it…

But, I need some other measurements… I am struggling with getting things in my heart up to my head… and it seems further… There are things that I really desire and wish to be doing, but, I can’t seem to get them to my brain to tell my body to actually start doing things…

I read a lot of people who talk about this struggle… and I know that the solution lies well within the Nike slogan… “just do it”… I know that I need to just ship something… produce… create… do…

It just struck me today that I know that there can be quite a distance between knowing and owning a thought or belief… but, I think there is just as great a struggle between owning a desire and acting on it…

As I sit and write this post, (the first in too long of a break) I now realize that the good folks I have been reading and even the marketing execs at Nike are correct…

So I challenge you to join me… What lies in your heart that seems to be too far away from doing?

Just Do IT!!!

be inspired


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