Oh silly child

This past Sunday I heard a really great story. It was a story about a father and his son. The father asked the four year old son to help him in building a shed in their back yard. The father was putting the son to sleep that night and he looked up and said, “I was big helper today, daddy, wasn’t I?” And like any good father, he responded, “yes, you were.”

The father shared that he could have easily completed the shed if he didn’t ask the son to help. But, he didn’t want to just finish the shed, he wanted to share the experience with his son. You see the father was all about the relationship.

This is a great story. It so clearly demonstrates the silly perspective that I often have with my heavenly Father. I think anyone who is in vocational ministry has the potential to struggle with this issue. I can think He needs my help. It sounds so silly to even admit it. But, if I am being honest, I sometimes think that I helped… I made a difference… When all my Father is concerned with is being with me. He is all about the relationship.



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