A defining article

I am not vein enough to consider this to be a “defining article, ” but rather I am looking at the grammar position of an article.

College football is gone, and soon professional football will follow suit. It is a bittersweet time for me. I love football, but it will make room in my schedule to more closely follow the best sport ever, hockey.

If you ever watch when the football players will introduce themselves, they also will tell you where they went to college. This season, there is a player who has been arbitrarily changing his “alma mater” and the last I heard when it comes to him, he announces that he is a graduate of the culinary institute. You may also notice that anyone who is a graduate of Ohio State University, when it comes to their turn, they proudly state “THE Ohio State University.” I don’t know where this started, and some people have started to rip it off, and mock it. But, it is a defining article.

There was a tag line used in the current series our church is going through about the story of the prodigal son; “There are a million ways to run from God. But there is only one way back.” I got thinking last week about how people who look at Christianity as a religion; as a set of ways to follow a certain path to somehow earn entrance into God’s grace and mercy. But when we hear Jesus talk about it… He uses a defining article:

“I am THE way”

It is about the relationship. When Jesus approached his disciples, He did not ask them, “would you like me to teach you the ways?” He said “Follow ME.” They were being offered an opportunity to follow “THE way.”

The same arguments can be made for the other statements that Jesus makes in that series of defining articles: “I am THE truth, I am THE life.” We are all guilty of having our own versions of the truth, and living a life that is barely worth living. But, this very defining article makes all the difference in the world.

So, my friends, you may have gone to THE Ohio State University, and I get what you mean… but, me… well, I am following THE way, THE truth, and THE life.



One thought on “A defining article

  1. “THE” started because the official seal of the university says “The Ohio State University.”

    Also in the mid 1990’s Ohio University (the one in Athens OH) tried to trademark the word “Ohio” in collegiate sports for monetary reasons. That application was denied, but since that time “The” has been emphasized by OSU players. It began as a slap at Ohio University but gfrew into a source of pride.

    There are even shirts available on campus that simply say “THE.”

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