Have you ever noticed a recurring theme in conversations around you?

I have heard this theme rise up in two completely separate conversations this week… for me, it grabs my attention.

What is your concept of normal? healthy? perfection?

What is your desire? to be normal? to be healthy? to be perfect?

I have never felt that I was a person that struggled with perfectionism. It seemed like a problem that other people have. I am the kind of person who is okay with good enough. In school, I was fine with a “B” as a grade. Now my sister, on the other hand, would not be okay. This was my working definition of perfectionism.

Normal is a difficult topic. It is a subjective and relative term. If we look to culture we will see that “normal” is anything but “normal.” But, we all have our own version of normal. We all desire to be considered normal… don’t we?

Healthy might be a better word. I don’t care if I am not your version of normal. I do care if I am unhealthy.

Perfect… well, let’s define this term. If I were to say that I was perfect, it would seem arrogant. It would seem assumptive. It might even seem unhealthy. Maybe a better way, or healthier way to state this is I am wanting to be on my journey towards perfect.

I am not complete.

I am not mature.

I am not perfect.

I am not normal.

I am on a journey.

I desire to be healthy.



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