Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go and see “This is it,” the movie about Michael Jackson’s last tour that didn’t happen. It was an incredible movie. Having lived for a season of my life in the world of live performances and the music industry, it was so amazing to see the whole process. And no one can really dispute that he has a commanding persona. His musicians and dancers were the best of the best.

The movie starts out with some of the dancers talking about the impact of Michael on their lives. They are moved by how Michael has inspired them and influenced them. It was staggering to hear them talk about MJ the way that they were, but, I know people who were severely devastated with his passing. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but respect for MJ and his talent and his catalog.

As I was watching these young dancers talk about Michael with such emotion, I thought… I wonder do I talk with such great emotion about Jesus, about his impact, his influence on my life? Am I daily missing him? What effect would his passing have had on me, if I lived in the time that He did?

I was also thinking that for these dancers and musicians… what an experience to be around Michael. To look next to you on stage and think… there is MICHAEL JACKSON!!! That is crazy. I have had the opportunity to run in a circle where I got the privilege to meet some pretty influential people and some that are somewhat known or famous. And those moments are etched in my memory. I would think it would be overload to be working on something with MJ. It is crazy to think. But, then I think… What would it be like to have been running around with JESUS? I heard someone hypothesizing that disciples very well could have been early teens, probably 15 years old…

What if, I mean really what if… when I turned 15… I met Jesus and he asked me to follow him… to go on the ultimate world tour… perform next to the quintessential all-time performer??? (sidebar: is there any correlation between the fact that most people have their significant life change interaction with Jesus before age 18??)

Let me say this… I am not saying that Michael Jackson and Jesus are equals. But when you hear people talk about the impact they have had on their lives… they could be competitors. I respect Michael for his talent, his abilities, his agenda to spread love… but, he is not my saviour. Jesus is the saviour of my soul. Let me be effected when I think and talk about him.



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