The season’s are a-changing

So, today is the first day that I am wearing long pants, or jeans to work in a long time. I have the luxury of being able to wear whatever is appropriate to work, and during my summer, shorts do the job.

I can feel it in the air. I can tell that the sports seasons are changing. And, I can tell that we are about to turn the corner and no matter what I do… tomorrow is September.

I just finished my first full year in my new job, and so everything up to this point has been “firsts.” Now I am looking at September with memories of last September. I don’t know if it is because I know what I am getting myself into, or if there are other things going on inside of me, but I am having a hard time turning the corner.

Yesterday at church the message was one that I felt didn’t really move me or hit me significantly. I have been stewing on it, and thinking about it, and trying to take application from it. The message was on God’s wrath and justice. And the thing that I am taking away from the message is that “God is in control of his business.” Justice and wrath are God’s responsibility. And more importantly… NOT mine.

So, as I feel a little indifferent… I feel like the season’s are changing and I am just watching… I know that God is doing His thing. He is faithful to do what He says. He will take care of his responsibilities. I will take care of mine.

God is Good… through every season… and through every change….



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