Brand Inconsistency

I was at the mall the other day wasting time. I had left church, eaten some very greasy mall-food-court-chinese food… (why is it so good?) I had walked around the mall and got a tall coffee-of-the-day from Starbucks and sat on a bench in the mall to do some reading. I ended up not reading but just enjoying some people-watching on the bench. It was mother’s day and so it was interesting to see the dynamic of father’s who had their kids out and away to give mom some time off; some moms and kids walking together; some kids doing last minute shopping for mom.

I looked over at the closest kiosk to where I was sitting. It was for a national cellular phone service provider. I looked over and saw the gentleman working there on the land line telephone in his kiosk. I thought to myself, what does that say about what he is serving. It would be the equivalent to me teaching an aerobics class while eating an ice cream sundae.

I read a quote the other day from Albert Schweitzer, it was something along the lines of “Example is not the main thing in influencing others: it’s the only thing.” I am reading this book called “UnChristian” and it is amazing. I highly recommend it. It is about the perception of Christianity in our culture.

If we look at Christianity as a branding, I know I have some inconsistencies… guess I need to hang up the phone at the kiosk, or put away the sundae, or what other abused analogy can I throw in here… hahaha…


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