Overdue update posting

I will admit that my blog has always been a bit self-serving. I am still a little blown away that anyone reads it. It is as close as I have ever come to journaling. I started this blog to “practice” writing and to see what this whole internet revolution was about. At the point where I realized that people actually interact and care enough to regularly read my blog, I was blown away.

I try to keep up the blog for the discipline of writing regularly, but I haven’t been great. I posted my last post about waiting on answers, and I have received the answers, but haven’t had the time to post since, so I apologize.

I actually got really great news on both of my waiting to hear back situations. I was offered two jobs, that I thought would work together, they were both seasonal. But, alas, they didn’t. So, I had to turn one of them down. But, I got the job that I really was excited about.

Here is the weird part: I get this amazing blessing of God giving me what I want, and what do I do? I turn around and start freaking out about all the details that I feel like God can’t figure out, or better yet hasn’t figured out yet.

The night after finding the good news about the job, but the wrinkle of the seasonal positions not working, I had my bible study and it was on “faith.” IRONY (sung)

You can read from the bible study here.

With the perspective of a week’s time, I know that God is bigger than ALL of my problems… go figure… I can’t wait to have the character and faith like Abraham.


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