Walk-in casserole

I used to work at a conference center and camp where they would once a week or so offer something that was called “walk-in casserole.” It was mostly eggs that held it all together, but inside the casserole was leftovers from the preceding week. It was a fun game to eat through the mixture and try to guess what was in your mouth. It sounds really disgusting, but it was actually one of the better meals that we had there. I have aways been a fan of leftovers.

That was a really long set up to say that I am writing this post as a catch-all… much like the “walk-in casserole.”

I had the opportunity to meet with my pastor this week. He is pretty amazing. We didn’t meet for very long, but I walked away from the meeting very encouraged. A few things that I took from the meeting. Isn’t it interesting that a lot of times we choose to communicate to other people in ways in which we don’t even respond to ourselves. For example, I will send out mass emails and texts about things when I generally don’t respond to that when others do it to me. Interesting.

There is a biblical principle that I have talked about on here a few times, but I was reminded of as I walked away from our meeting; Whatever it is that you need in your life, you need to give away. If you need good friendship, be a good friend. If you need money, give money away. If you need encouragement, give encouragement away.

I am reading a book called “Spiritual Mentoring” by Keith R. Anderson & Randy D. Reese… It is really amazing… a little pretty thick and heady, but good. It quotes Aelred’s Spiritual Friendship with a great quote…

“A good friend,” says the Wise Man, “is the medicine of life.”

so there it is… my blog version of “walk-in casserole”


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