I had two different conversations that to center around a similar topic. It is funny how themes seem to establish themselves in my days.

I had a conversation with someone early yesterday where we were talking about how God just wants us to be willing to do whatever he wants us to do. In the same way that he sent Jesus to come and live and die on earth, it was like God said, “I just need you to go and do this thing for me… just go down there show them how it is supposed to be done…” In the same way God says to us… “I just need you to be willing to go and do whatever it is that I am going to need…” The same way he sent out Abraham and Isaac to an unspecified place… and Abraham just went… It is back on this faith and control issue at the core of it…

I was in a separate conversation where someone was telling me a story about a guy who talks about having a ministry of availability. I love that term. I want that more than anything. I want to be able to be available so that when there are needs I am available. Figuring out what type of “tent-making” goes with that has been my current struggle. But, it is an issue of faith and control. I need to believe in faith that God has it all figured out and if I can just keep focused he will make it clear to me.

I have played with a lot of terms to try to explain what I want my ministry to be, but the two front runners at this point are: life change catalyst, and ministry of availability.


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