Crying out “HOW”

I am currently struggling with myself. My experience and my skill set for the majority of my professional life has been shaped around the fact that I am a “get-it-done” guy. One of the major parts of being a “get-it-done” guy is always being able to figure out how to solve apparent problems.

I have been in sales, customer service, tour management, and management. Call me and ask me any question that starts with “How do we… get from Michigan to New Orleans in a day’s time? get shirts in and printed by the time the bus leaves? pull off a show without microphones? find 20 tickets in a sold out show?” These questions of challenges fuel me. I get a satisfaction out of being able to figure out how.

In reading “Visioneering” by Andy Stanley I came across something that was very disheartening, well, kind of…

“Often, you will know what long before you understand how… When how seems out of sight, it is tempting to put what out of mind… How is never a problem for God. It is usually a big problem for us. But how is God’s specialty…. What he originates, he orchestrates… When God gives you a vision, there’s a sense in which you stand back and watch it happen… We must focus on what he has called us to do, hot on how he is going to pull it off.”

The story from the Bible that Andy uses to demonstrate this is found in Luke 1:34-7 where Mary is told she will have a baby, and she questions how this is possible. The angel explains the process and ends with this, “For nothing is impossible with God.”

I feel comforted by this because I know that I have the potential to mess things up in my life. And the vision I have I feel is very much God ordained.

But, it goes against my nature as a planner and a “get-it-done” guy to not be concerned with the how of this vision.

I imagine my conversation with God going something like this, “You created me as a how guy, and I am good at it, what’s the deal?” God’s response sounds something like this… “You think that you are good at how, just watch.”

I find myself wrestling with this and realizing again that it is a matter of control and letting go. I thank God that he is patient with me, and fully trust that his how is better than mine.


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