Random thoughts on a grey Friday…

I must start off by saying how humbled I am to have the most incredible friends!

I have some really amazing and talented friends… Three come to mind right now…

Aaron Rice, Jamie Moore, and Cary Barlowe… We found out early yesterday that they have been nominated for a Grammy. What an amazing accomplishment! It is humbling to be around this amount of talent. It causes me to want to be a better person. Thank You all for being a great friend and even more so for being obedient and using your talents as your personal act of worship!

I had chinese buffet for lunch. I wasn’t feeling good before it, and now I am feeling even worse. Bad decision making on my part. But, I did share it with another dear friend that I haven’t got to see very often due to the busyness of our lives. The meal ended with a fortune cookie… I love fortune cookies, the actual cookie… the way they taste… love love love… I feel like the “fortune” is a crap shoot. Sometimes they make me chuckle. Sometimes they make me wonder who in the world is writing this stuff.

Today, the fortune cookie made me think.

“A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor”

That’s some good stuff right there. I had a conversation earlier today that hinted around at this same concept. Sometimes life has to be rough for us to be able to really grow. I don’t really remember anywhere in the Bible where it told us that life was going to be easy. The precedent set by the Old Testament would make me think it is just the opposite.

Crazy how a cookie can challenge you.


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