Talking through worship

For some reason I got thinking about worship this morning… I love worship music, and find that it really helps me to get focused and grounded… I know others who get really distracted and frustrated with newer praise choruses and worship music… but for me I enjoy it…

But, I am not really wanting to talk about music; I want to talk about worship… I was thinking through the song, “Made to Worship” by Chris Tomlin… an interesting concept that I had not really thought through until this morning is that, whether we like it or not, we are worshipers…

We were created to worship.

What becomes the issue is what we allow to become the object of our worship; for me it is often times myself, I also end up worshiping money… I know this because I can feel myself bowing and making time and holding in high esteem both of these things…

One of my favorite words used for “worship” in the greek is “proskunevw”

1. to kiss the hand to (towards) one, in token of reverence

2. among the Orientals, esp. the Persians, to fall upon the knees and touch the ground with the forehead as an expression of profound reverence

3. in the NT by kneeling or prostration to do homage (to one) or make obeisance, whether in order to express respect or to make supplication.

I love the imagery of coming “towards” it conveys the message of movement on our part… Worship requires work, requires movement, requires action…

I also love the idea of falling on bended knee… how many times do you see the image of someone who has been rescued… and they fall on their knees in reverence to their hero, savior? Do we not owe that to our savior?

I will admit that I had to use to find out what “obeisance” means… but it refers to a movement of the body in such a way to show respect or superiority…. huh… another reference to movement… all of a sudden worship doesn’t look like hands raised in a church… (not that it doesn’t have its place…)

I guess where I have come to in my thought process is that I am a worshiper… like it or not… I am created to worship… I am in a constant state of worship… my greatest job is to constantly be moving towards directing my worship on my savior.


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