I am a horrible Lover

It has been a while… and I apologize, my writing inspiration has been coming in spurts… and usually when I take a break it is because I either get too busy, or I start reading or listening to a lot… I was watching DVD series of one of my favorite teachers, Andy Stanley… and all that I was thinking to write about was what he was teaching, and fearing that I would just steal what I had just learned…

This week was another killer message from my amazing new pastor and once again I found myself writing notes like a college kid in church. It was a message about the condition of your heart… It was amazing and convicting.

I got thinking on a little rabbit trail…

Here is a shocking confession (said tongue in cheek): I have not been in a serious relationship in a while. I forget what it feels like. I forget what it requires. I have had relationships, but, it is getting further and further in my distant memories.

I am wondering if this lapse in relationships effects how I approach my relationship with God. One of the things mentioned in the message this weekend was “God wants to be in a love relationship with you.” I always get a little weirded out by that language, but if I am being honest with myself; I believe that to be true.

I used to teach junior high students and when we would ask them to describe their relationship with God, they would come up with things like: He is my best friend… He is always there for me… He is like a big brother always watching out for me…

I would use this same language to challenge the students about what they were bringing to the relationship. I would say, if you treated your actual real life best friend the way that you treat God, would they still be your best friend? If you only spent a little bit of time with them, ignored them when they were talking, didn’t read their notes to you, etc…

I guess in all of my teaching of this principle it fell on my own deaf ears.

I found myself asking “if I treated a Love-interest the way that I treat God, would I be in a relationship at all?”

If I were to take the real life example of what it requires to be in a love relationship and apply it to my relationship with God; I would have to admit that I am a horrible lover.

The good news is that my lover; accepts my faults and is still waiting for me despite all that I have done wrong. No matter how poorly I treat God, and abuse our love relationship; He is always there for me, loving me with a love that surpasses my earthly understanding. Who you choose to be in a relationship with is the most important part.

I thank God that He still loves me.


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