Lost and Found

I went this past weekend home to Pennsylvania. I had the opportunity to see my folks, which was great. I ate way too much food the whole time I was there, a lot of good stuff you can’t get in the south. I was the emcee for the Purple Door Arts and Music Festival. I have been involved with the festival since its start twelve years ago; different capacities and this year was my first year to emcee. It went really well and I truly enjoyed my experience.

On my arrival back into Nashville, I was waiting for my luggage to arrive and realized quickly that my bags were not on the plane. I went over to the little counter and explained to them what my bag looked like, what the tag number was, and then they said there was another flight coming in, and I should hear something that night. I used to travel all the time, and this wasn’t completely uncommon, so I wasn’t freaked out… and thank God, I am home so I have everything that I “need.”

I call in the next morning to find out that they don’t have my bag, and are having a hard time finding it. I give them all the descriptive info that I possibly can. I don’t have an external name tag on the bag, which is totally my fault, but, I have my reasons for not putting one on there. Still, I should have one on, and believe me always will from now on.

The staff from the airline has been excellent to work with and are committed to finding my bag; and like I said, I am home, had they lost it on the trip up, it would have been much more of an inconvenience. The true inconvenience now is remembering that I am dealing with it, cause there is nothing missing that is interrupting my schedule of daily routines…

My dad is a very wise man; and very simple no-nonsense type of guy. Whenever I was growing up and would misplace something, and tell him it is lost… he would respond with a fairly simple statements… “it has to be somewhere” and “it is really only lost to you”… My mom’s advice was always, “pick something up, it is always under something” which seems silly, but often times works…

I got thinking this morning as I talked with another staff member at the airline that said to me… “well, it has to be somewhere” Wow, where have I heard that before…

I started to think about the line from “Amazing Grace”… “was lost but now I’m found”… Now I realize it is a stretch to go from my silly lost bag to a spiritual application… but follow me here… I don’t know where my bag is, the airline doesn’t know where my bag is, but God knows where it is… and hopefully it will be found. What is interesting to me is that my soul was never lost by God. God always knew where my soul was. I was the one who was lost… I am the one who is found IN HIM…

In the same way that I want my bag to be found to me… God wants us to be found to HIM…

I told you it might be a stretch for some… but, it got me thinking…


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