Firsthand experiences…

I had the opportunity to go to a radio interview with the artist that I manage, Nate Huss, last night. Nate has been out on the west coast playing some shows and festivals, and I have been in my ridiculously hot house working on getting all the details for the Fall worked out. I am not complaining, I am just saying that it has gotten a little more like work and less fun. It had honestly become a little stale.

The interview went really well. Nate is a “media darling” (our publicist’s words). He just does really well communicating in that format, which is a great blessing. He is able to come across as lovable as he really is. Being in the studio and watch him interact and sing his songs and do his thing really got me pumped up and excited. It was great to see him do his thing and remember… wow this is really worth getting behind.

On my way home, I was shocked at how impressed I was with Nate. I have seen him play before. I have seen him grow. I have seen him hit it out of the park, and honestly seen him go through some rough sets. As I was driving home and processing everything, I thought to myself… could you just imagine being one of the disciples? I am in no way comparing Nate to Jesus… I am comparing the experience of having that firsthand experience…. how did they feel walking away from spending time with Jesus firsthand?

It is just an incredible thing to imagine… being a disciple and just hanging out firsthand with Jesus… I wonder if they really got what it was all about… how blessed they were… oh well… just a passing thought…


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