I met a guy the other day who was given a task to write down three things that he thought were completely unattainable, but things that he desired. As he tells the story, two of the three things are completely accomplished.

I love that we serve a God who makes the unfathomable attainable. I love that “if we can dream it,” he can do it. I think that too many times I find myself putting God in a box, limiting what He is capable of accomplishing. I know in my head that He is still in the business of miracles, but I don’t know that I live my life really expecting them to happen.

I don’t know that I believe that if I dream a big dream of accomplishing three unattainable things, I am not sure that I truly believe that He can deliver. And I know that is lack of faith, and according to my last post, a denial of the very existence of God.

I think when it comes right down to it, you need to just believe. In acting there is a term, “act as if.” When you are acting the part of a businessman, you “act as if” you really are a businessman. (Let me clarify that when I talk about “acting” I don’t mean “faking or pretending” I mean to take to action with that actions of something) I think that when we call ourselves believers, then we need to “act as if” we truly believe that God is who He says He is and can do what He says he can do.

I know that I need to act (or take to action) like I believe better than I have.


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