The Ultimate Challenge…

Okay, I realize that this is not the “ultimate” challenge in my life. If you knew me, you would realize that I am about to undertake something that is a pretty great challenge for me.

Yesterday at church our pastor gave a great message in this series he is doing on attitudes. I love that our pastor is willing to call us to action. It is something new for our body.

The two main points to the message: 1. You are what you think, 2. You think what you expose yourself to. So then he goes and makes a challenge to the congregation. As soon as he starts in, I know what is coming, and I get that sinking feeling in my stomach, like when you realized you didn’t finish your homework.

He says it… “I challenge you to go for 7 days without Television.” booooiiiinnnngggg A dagger through to my heart. I know all of the perils of TV. I know that what he is saying is a good thing. I know that TV is not inherently evil, but I also know that most of its content isn’t “glorifying.”

I work from home. I usually keep the TV on. It is like a timer. When Regis and Kelly go off… it’s 10am. After Ellen, it is time to start thinking about lunch. And at the end of the day, it is my escape from reality, well, into reality TV.

And of course the challenge comes during the first week of the new Big Brother 8.

As soon as he issued it, I knew that the little stirring inside of me meant that I HAD TO DO IT. So, here I go… I am into day 1 of no TV.

I am anxious to see how God works through these next seven days. I thank God for my pastor and his challenge.

I will appreciate your prayers as I restrain myself from TV.

(Maybe I could make a reality TV show about people who don’t watch reality TV… wait, I need to workshop this idea… haha)


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One thought on “The Ultimate Challenge…

  1. Dude a lofty challenge – personally TV wouldn’t be a challenge for me but if I couldn’t watch movies while I work I think I would call in sick everyday and go swimming. good to have a friend on the wordpress.

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