Life Bag

I had written before about the opportunity that I have had to help one of my friends out by transcribing focus groups for the mayor’s commission on ending homelessness in Nashville.

Today, I was at one of these meetings. This particular focus group was with formerly homeless. We met with five incredible people who have overcome homelessness among many other life obstacles.

In answering one of the questions, a lady referred to her “lifebag.” It hit me as one of the most powerful word images I had heard/seen. She was referring to when you are homeless and you are carrying all of your belongings around in a bag over your shoulder. This imagery made the issue of homelessness very real to me.

Go ahead and put all of your worldly belongings and fit them in to a bag. For all of the wonderful blessings and the excess in life that I have, I am rarely reminded of the extent to which I have been blessed. It was a humbling reminder of the many many blessings I have… and even more importantly from whom they come…

What a mighty God we serve!!!!


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