Abused Analogy

So, I love analogies. I love a good story that really conveys what things are “just like.” I had a recent boss who also had the ability to take an analogy too far and sometimes I felt like we were in a competition to see who could stretch the analogy to its furthest reaches…

Well, as some of you know, I have just recently started into my own company as an artist manager and consultant… the artist that I manage is about to release his debut record and we are in the “thick of it” with marketing and trying to generate buzz…

I have had different jobs in the music industry and had the honor and privilige to have some great mentors. One of those mentors, who I met about ten or more years ago, explained to me that artist career’s are like trains. They take a lot of energy to get started. Once they are rolling along, the momentum works in your advantage.

Well, I was lamenting to a friend, who has come on as an intern with my agency the other day about how frustrated I was with everything. I was just having a good old-fashioned pity party. And, I got to sharing with him this very same wisdom that had been imparted to me… the story about the career being like a train, and the toughest part is getting it started…

Here comes the abuse of that analogy… I was telling him how frustrated and tired I was, and that I felt like I was literally pushing a train all by myself (again, I told you it was a pity party)…

Word imagery fans, you will love this… then it came to me, as I was whining… “and then every once in a while, I realize that their is a string tied to the front of the train, and God is pulling it along…” It goes back to another analogy that I wrote about in a blog entitled “The Sick Gardener”

You see, I realized while I was abusing that analogy, that it feels like I am pushing the train all by myself, but God is really pulling it along… When I look back over the few months that we have been creating this career start for my artist, it is clear to see the hand of God at work.

Hope you enjoyed the abuse of the analogy as much as I did…


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