Embarassing Confession

In a recent post, Food and Shelter I talked about a major issue in my life… dealing with finances and my relationship with God…

In that entry, I talked mostly about living within your means… God has been impressing on me that, I do make enough, and I do have a lot, and I should be faithful with what I do have.

I did not mention, probably due to pride, that I have always struggled with tithing and giving… the message I heard wasn’t just about tithing, but money in general, but tithing is alway a part of that. And, I know this, but I don’t KNOW this…

They say, whoever ‘they’ are… the longest distance is the twelve inches between your head and your heart… I know that I should be actively giving and in the practice of worshipping through giving, but I have not allowed it to affect how I live…

I went to Bible College, and while I loved my experience, there is a certain cynicism that one gains coming out of that… At a certain level, we all became experts in finding loopholes in rules, and justifying and rationalizing our own desires to be kids… And so, I consider myself an expert in the justifying department…

The problem is that all the justification in the world doesn’t make it right… and doesn’t excuse it…

This isn’t supposed to be a somber blog, it is actually a really great experience that I had this weekend… I was playing in the worship team at church this weekend, and so I wasn’t out in the crowd when they took the offering… So, I went to the info table and asked how I could give my check for tithe… they told me there was a little silver box that you can drop your offering in…

I went and found the box, dropped my check in that little mailbox looking thing… and, not to be superspiritual or mystical, but in that moment where I gave… I felt a special feeling… It was a gentle breeze, it was what I would think being kissed by an angel would feel like… that undeniable feeling you have when you know you have done something right

Well, I know my God, and I know that He is doing some mighty things in my life… and I guess I would just love for this to serve as encouragement that if you are on the fence of doing something that you know you should… Go for it!!!


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