Could anybody tell me….

I am dumbfounded. I cannot figure out how it is Thursday evening, the 11th of January. This week has just flown by. It has been full, and there has been quite a bit accomplished. And yet I can’t quite get my head around the fact that it will be Friday tomorrow.

I guess it all has to do with perspective. The facts are; each and every day is the same amount of time quantifiably. We get 24 hours. Each of us. Every day.

I was just sharing the other day with a dear friend of mine something that I heard at church this past year. The speaker was talking about people using the term “making time” for things. He talked about how ridiculous this concept is. He is right, despite my lobbying for longer days, I have not ever been able to “make time.” What we really need to do is “take” time.

The amount of time that we devote to something determines its value. If I spend 3 of my 16 waking hours chatting online with my friends, that shows priority. Also, if I spend 0 hours working out, then that unfortunately is a big tell.

I don’t know where exactly I am going here, other than to try to re-focus, to gain a better perspective, and ultimately to start taking the appropriate amount of time to re-prioritize my life.


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