What does your laptop tell you….

Okay, so I need to start off with a confession…

I watch Oprah. There I said it. I am not a regular fanatic. I don’t schedule my life around her, but I tend to keep the TV on while I am working… and some of it catches my attention.

All of that to say… I saw an episode that was dealing with clutter and organizing your house/closet. The comment was made that, “the state of your house represents the state of your soul”… if you keep a clean, organized house, you have a clean, organized soul…

Well, I just got my laptop back from the shop. It was shutting off for no reason. Not in any particular application. Not when I hit a special key, just random. Very frustrating. Especially now that I have started writing more often. I kept losing work. UGH!

So the shop I go to is cluttered, but the guys do amazing quick work. Key word being quick! I trust these guys.

I don’t know much about what goes on on the inside of my computer. I am not well-versed in technology.

The diagnosis on what was wrong: the fan had dust in it, and was causing it to overheat, along with applications running that I wasn’t aware of…

Okay, here is me reading too much into things… I need to take care of myself day to day… I need to not allow the dust to build up on my insides… I need to be better about my health and my disciplines on a daily way…

Again, more introspection, hope it might help others…

BTW, my book is under way… I will give updates as I get more into it…


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3 thoughts on “What does your laptop tell you….

  1. i can relate to the need to keep disciplined…you always hear people say about exercise “You won’t always enjoy doing it,” but you never really understand it until you are doing it and are not enjoying it…i have been running everyday (5 days), but i have this overwhelming fear that some type of bizarre association process will take place that will link together my feeling of pain during working out with the music on my ipod…i hope things go well for you as you pursue the whole “discipline thing”…i just remember our conversation when you said that it is more about the practice of doing exercise than how much…that’s a sound idea…and is this the book that you mentioned previously? at any rate (as someone we know might say) i hope the venture goes well…


  2. One of my goals I shared at my recent evaluation at work was to be more organized and neater. My boss felt I was being too hard on myself… maybe what I was trying to get across was (as described in your blog) an inner disorganization and clutter.

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