A New New Day

So, it is now the 3rd of January 2007… I am very glad that I made it this far. Yesterday was exhausting. I woke up knowing it was going to be frustrating. I wanted desperately to fight it, to pull up the covers and hide. But, alas, this adulthood/maturity thing would not allow me to do that.

Over the weekend I checked my online banking account and was alarmed to see charges that I didn’t make. I was the victim of identity theft. If you have the option on this, go ahead and pass. Thankfully, all of my hours of watching CSI and Law and Order paid off. I sleuthed around and got to the core of the problem. Four of the Six charges have been refunded, and my bank is well aware of the issues.

The worst part about this was the fact that it soaked up a ton of my time. It was mentally, physically, emotionally exhausting. I told the girl at my bank, who was really great, “if this is a prelude to the year, I don’t think I can handle it…” She guarantees it isn’t and I have told her I am holding her to it.

At some point I will blog about identity theft, cause I think it is an interesting concept. But for now, I dust off my boot straps. I get back on the horse and ride on. I am blessed. I have so much. What I have gone through is, in comparison, a blip on the radar.

Through all of this many things have not changed, and most importantly GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE AND IS IN CONTROL.


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