Frustrated with the blogosphere

American Heritage Dictionary –

ster·e·o·type (ster’e-?-tip’, stîr’-)
1. A conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image.
2. One that is regarded as embodying or conforming to a set image or type
3. Printing A metal printing plate cast from a matrix molded from a raised printing surface, such as type.

I just got back from dinner with some friends, where we discussed on several levels the topic of stereotyping. I am new to the blogging world, and I am realizing that it is full of stereotyping. I have been told what I believe, I have been judged for things I have not even said… I am disheartened by the ability for thoughtful writers to attack faceless groups through the use of stereotyping.

I realize that this is a hard argument to have, in that many different people perpetuate stereotypes. i.e. our waitress was horrific, so, do I jump on the fact that she is from a certain ethnic group, age classification, gender, or religious background; and attack the group? or do I just say, in fairness to her, “tonight, she gave us poor service in my opinion” My point is that I tend to make statements that involve the words “she” or “he” as opposed to “they.” And I am becoming quickly frustrated with those who use the term “they” (crap i just did it, did you catch that… i said “those” which is a form of they…) I should say… I am frustrated with the blogs that I have recently read where there has been “they” language.

Can anyone help me see this clearer?


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4 thoughts on “Frustrated with the blogosphere

  1. You are absolutely right. The blogosphere is full of preset notions and stereotypes. And for the sake of clarity, I will group this together with the word “they” to group the relativistic mindset which leads to this behavior. lol More often than not, fact gets replaced with opinion and individuals are grouped by beliefs, scorned for true faith and eaten alive when we stand up against beliefs that we feel should be stood up against when it comes to values. You can still “surround yourself” with those who are encouraging, ignore those who attack you, and pray for the individuals who persecute you. In some ways this is encouraging. People can still be offended! My wife just related a story about how her grandfather used to get death threats because of what he preached and commented, “that doesn’t happen much anymore, no one really cares what you say now.” Maybe people are more vulnerable online, they bare themselves heart and soul through words. This may still be the one medium where people, through curiosity, guilt or plain boredom will still hear the message and not be drowned in the relative culture of the day.

  2. hey friend…
    the blog-o-sphere is merely a reflection of the world we live in…and without a doubt it is chock full of nuts…oops I mean stereotyping 😉 When I encounter it, I pray for them and I learn from it…many times people are clueless to the fact that their actions and opinions are based on stereotypes. Keep in mind that people who are hurting tend to hurt others and people who are out of control try to control others…here in the blogging world they do it through what they write. Don’t let it discourage you…try to see past their behavior and look and listen for what the real problem is…

  3. I think that you are correct. I also think that there are a lot of reasons for this behavior ranging from laziness to parroting the extant media to outright bigotry–conscious or otherwise.

    The television and radio newscasts do this on a nightly basis. Just for the sake of the joke, I’ll use the term “waitresses” to represent a national, ethnic, religious, or other type of group. Would it surprise you to hear:

    “Waitress leaders today announced that…”

    “Unemployment among waitresses is down…”

    “Waitresses are growing increasingly disgruntled by…”

    “Increeasing waitress population in many areas have locals worried…”

    Generalization is both a useful tool for communicating information and a dangerous weapon of division and ridicule. We’ll never be rid of it, but it would be great if we all started using generalizations more responsibly.

    Another excellent blog, sir.

  4. Just state it the way you see it! That’s what makes for a good blog because it’s your opinion. So if others disagree…then that’s okay. The can do that…even if they are wrong! 🙂 Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to be anonymous either!! Maybe it’s my cop-out!

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