Keep Walking…

I will be the first to admit that i am not the biggest Old Testament scholar… I just made it through my classes in school. I have come to over time really appreciate the amazing stories and gems in the OT. Even the stories that I remember hearing as a child, a million times over.

I was talking with a friend today at lunch about how we are really called to be moving. We were both sharing stories of where we felt God was calling us. I have been thinking lately about the Joshua and the battle of Jericho. I think one of the key elements in the story is the fact that God had them circle the city… they were called to move. I am not going to try to super-impose something that isn’t really there, but, what we do know is that they were told to circle, to march, to move. I think of Abraham being tested with Isaac, and it required him to act, to move, to go. I think of Noah, Moses, fill in the blank OT story.

So, I think that it is clear that we can assess that God is calling us to move, to be active, to be headed forward…

This might seem like a gross overstatement of the obvious, and yet, I know that I need reminding of it.


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3 thoughts on “Keep Walking…

  1. not an overstatement…the OT is all about the NT. i think our greatest regrets in life are when we’re called to move, but the world gets in the way, and we don’t, whether the risk is too great, or we choose not to listen to God’s voice.

  2. You’re right, but it’s still frustrating when you have no idea what you are moving toward or to what end. Joshua had teh promise that God would deliver his enemies into his hand. Noah has the prophecy of the rains, and the direction of God for salvation. Moses was told that he would eventually lay eyes upon the promised land.

    At times it feels like we aren’t really equipped with such clear and detailed promises.

    Of course I know that we have SO much more revelaed to us than they did, and I know that we have his promises of care and provision, and I know that ultimately we are better off for living in an era where we can be assured of his redemption already accomplished.

    I just wish that meant that we could fly a little less blind, that we could have some idea what we will be walking through on the way to that eventual destination.

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